Welcome to MASF

MASF is… Located in San Francisco’s Financial District, we are a fully equipped, private and exclusive training facility. We are truly a one of a kind space designed with your results in mind. Our full locker rooms provide all amenities, including toiletries and towels, coffee and tea.

MASF has gathered a team of some of the most talented Muscle Activation Techniques® Specialists, Personal Trainers, and Pilates Instructors in the area. We are your one stop shop for body work, efficient movement and strength training. We pride ourselves on detailed assessments that identify areas of inefficiency or improvement and work together as a team to tackle your goals one by one.

Our goal is to educate and empower our clients to become active participants in their journey towards improved function.

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What sets us apart….What separates MASF is the synthesis of tremendous skill and experience with Muscle Activation Techniques® and the application of biomechanics to strengthening the human body. Our small, expert team of Personal Trainers, Pilates Instructors, and MAT Specialists work alongside an extensive referral network to become your community healthcare advocates.

Our vision is to be the SF Bay Area’s premier resource for improving the contractile ability of the muscular system. By coupling Muscle Activation Techniques® with intelligent resistance training, we aspire to deliver an exercise experience that is unparalleled, yielding extraordinary results.