Focused Effort Real Results

Grounded in biomechanics, our training staff engineer exercise routines to target your specific limitations while simultaneously tackling your overall lifestyle goals, allowing you to truly thrive in life, which we believe everyone deserves!

Here at MASF, we have a community of clients sharing our vision of creating healthier versions of themselves in a fun and safe environment.

Training at MASF

  • Here at MASF, our trainers provide their specialized experience to help you attain your goals. To do so, we create a logical plan that safely and consistently stresses you enough to create a strong training adaptation.

  • We are experienced in working with clients ranging from the severely injured to professional athletes. Our personal training sessions incorporate all aspects of fitness – core, global strength, and mobility – in an enjoyable, safe environment.

The Process…

  • The first time you meet with one of our MASF trainers, you will be progressed through our in house detailed movement screen to assess your own personal movement patterning, areas of strengths, and weaknesses.

  • We then sit down with you to develop a completely personalized program that motivates you to reach your goals.

  • We specialize in educating you about how YOU move so that we can empower you to move past both physical and mental barriers.

Who Is Training For…

  • Anyone can benefit from working with a personal trainer. Whether you need help designing progressive exercise routines, form checks, enhancing your athletic performance, or simply accountability- Personal training can be a great way to take your exercise routine to the next level.

What Can Training Do For You…

  • Increase global strength

  • Help with Ease of Movement

  • Injury Prevention

  • Increase Athletic Performance

  • Lower fat and increase muscle mass