MAT®…our hack to the muscular system…

At MASF, our MAT® Specialists use the guiding principles of MAT® to sequentially assess, treat, and progress our clients. We have spent years building a community of wellness practitioners in the area to help you address ALL of your needs head on.

We believe that each and every person that walks through our doors has a unique set of circumstances that has lead you to us.

We believe that each person deserves an approach that works for them. We LISTEN to YOUR unique set of concerns and then work with our team of MAT® and exercise specialists to design a program that is 100 percent about you.

What to Expect


MAT sessions are either 55 or 85 minutes in length. To ensure optimal results, we always start with a detailed 85-minute assessment to enable understanding of your body's unique history and understand where we can assist you. From there, sessions will either be 55 or 85 minutes long, depending on the severity of issue and/or personal preference.


The frequency of visits is something we discuss with you in the first session based on our findings during the assessment. Most clients come either once a week or every other week to get started, then move to a “maintenance” frequency that is far less frequent, which saves time and money, but progresses the results.


San Francisco, Petaluma, and Lafayette